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151 Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile

151 Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile

151 Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile

Today I am gonna give you 151 tips and tricks for PUBG. When you first sign up, you will be given the chance to choose a name and customize a character. A lot of players will tell you that the female character has a smaller hit box and therefore gives you a tactical advantage, but the developers of the game have clarified that even though the girl character is smaller than the guy, the hitboxes are identical. Upon hearing this, some players will still push back saying that there might be a tactical advantage in choosing a girl because she is smaller and therefore harder to see, but since 99% of finding someone has to do with noiseand camouflage levels which are also identical between genders, these claims are, at best,insignificant. After choosing your character, you will bebrought to the menu screen. Before you get started, I recommend clicking on the settings button here to customize a fews things: On the Basic tab, enabling aim assist letsthe game move the crosshairs for you a little bit, which I like personally, but it is notalways helpful because enemies don’t always move in the direction the game anticipates,which in those instances, it can actually throw you off. Using the release option on these differentfiring modes gives you more precision on when you fire, but it takes a while to get usedto it so I wouldn't recommend it unless you are an advanced player. I strongly recommend enabling Peak and Fireeven if you are new player because this is something you want to get good at eventually,but I wouldn’t recommend selecting hold to lean unless you are an advanced player. I keep all the other settings in this tabon their default, but it is important to note that Auto-Open Doors can cause you to accidentallyopen a door at the wrong time alerting nearby enemies to your location. In the graphics tab, setting the style tocolorful will increase contrast and make it easier to see other players and selectinga high frame rate will give your reaction time a slight advantage. This makes Graphics the least important settingin this tab so adjust it based on what your phone can handle. Since I use a Samsung Galaxy S7, which is becoming an older phone, I keep my graphics on the lowest possible setting and I keepthe other settings on default. Under the controls tab, I recommend clickingthe customize button and adjusting your Peak and fire buttons to be a little bit closerso that you don't have to extend your thumb so far. I also recommend reducing the distance ofthe sprint button just a little bit and moving all of these buttons here on the right tobe a little bit closer to each other. Those are my favorite settings, But ultimatelyyou need to find what works best for you. If you want to experiment with something,I recommend first trying it out in a new layout so that you can revert back if you don’tlike it. You'll notice in my third layout that I havemy shooting buttons at the top of my screen. That is because I bought these cool littletrigger things for $3 online from some company in China. I'm still getting the hang of them, but onceI figure them out, I think being able to use two extra fingers will be a game changer. So if you want to try them, I put a link towhere to buy them in the description. I recommend disabling auto pickup becauseonce you know what you are doing, it usually slows you down or crowds up your inventory. I keep all the setting in the other tabs ontheir default, but after you have been playing for while, you might want to browse throughthem to see if you want to adjust anything. Now that we have talked about settings, letme touch briefly on the menu screen: You can customize all of your game settingshere including perspective, server, modes, maps, teams, etc. Whatever you set here will be remembered andyou will use those settings every time you click Start. You can add friends by clicking on this buttonand then selecting the add friend Tab and then typing in your friend's name or characterid in this search bar. You can then invite those friends into yourparty using this button. Joining a clan is a great way to find friendsand forming a crew makes it easy to find your closest friends quickly. After you have played a few games, I recommendspending some time in the armory. The Armory lets you see the stats on everysingle gun in the game and how that gun interacts with the various mods you can find for it. This is incredibly helpful for knowing whichgun you want to keep on you when you are on the battlefield. If you are a free to play gamer, there areonly 2 parts of the shop that apply to you. The first one is the soldier crate.

 It can be bought with battle points whichyou get from logging in and playing the game. Missions for getting these points are reset either daily or weekly on Sunday at 6pm CST which is also when the soldier crate priceresets. The second one is the redeem section in the limited time tab. These items can be bought with the token youget for dismantling clothing duplicates. If you are not free to play, the best wayto support the devs is to buy one of the elite season passes because they offer more rewardsper dollar than any other offer. All these other tabs are either not importantat all or you will see a red dot when they do become important. So when you have everything set up the wayyou want it, click start. If you are playing on a team, the most importantthing you can do is communicate with your teammates. In addition to an in game chat system, PUBGhas implemented several ways to help a team communicate and work together. The first way is accessible by clicking onthe minimap. This will pull up a bigger map. By clicking anywhere on this map, it willautomatically set a marker that you and your teammates can see. While this is helpful for a lot of reasons,the most common thing this is used for is telling your teammates where you want to go. You can also click on this tab here whichallows you to follow a teammate or invite them to follow you. This makes it really easy for your team towork together and reduces your chance of miscommunication. Lastly, if you don’t want to use the voicechat, you can click the dialogue button here which will give you a ton of communicationoptions. Some of these options have further meaningbased on what you are pointing at when you use them. The weapons and vehicles on the map are randomizedeach time you play, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to where you gotsomething because certain places are more likely to give better weapons than others. If you get really familiar with an area, youwill have a huge upper hand on someone who is wandering around aimlessly. As a general rule, these areas have more andbetter loot, but most players know that so they tend to be more heavily sought after. If you are playing a solo game, I stronglyrecommend avoiding these places if they are close to where the plane enters the map. All of the players are on the same exact planeas you and most players have a tendency to exit the plane early. You can see which players have exited theplane with this number right here. If you are confident player, I recommend findingone of these good locations that is off the path and marking it on your map. The maximum distance you can travel afterjumping out of the plane is around 1500 meters. Some players will tell you that you can extendthis distance by opening your parachute early or slowing down your movement speed, but thisis not true for pubg mobile and using this approach just delays how fast you get weapons. If you are a less confident player, I recommenddoing the same thing with one of these smaller groups of buildings that is also off of thepath. There is no inertia in the game so as soonas you jump off the plane, you can travel the opposite way of the plane just as faras if you were going with it. But I don't recommend doing that, becauseother players that got off the plane earlier will get to the same destination faster thanyou which means they will probably have guns by the time you land. As I mentioned earlier, the items are randomizedbut if you find a location that has a lot of great stuff, it will probably have a lotof great stuff every time you go there so familiarizing yourself with a certain areawill give you a huge advantage over other players that haven't done that. After the plane leaves the island, a safezone will appear. It will be a circle covering about a third ofthe island and a timer will start with 5 minutes. When the timer runs out, a radiation zonewill start closing in on that circle. The radiation zone wall moves slower or fasterbased on how far it is to the closest edge of the new circle. This means that if you are far away from thecircle, the radiation zone travels significantly faster than you can run. The process of the radiation Zone shrinkingthe first time also takes exactly 5 minutes. At that point, a new safe zone appears andthe process repeats itself for a total of 9 phases. Here are the main stats of each of these phases. For those of you who have been playing fora while, these numbers may not seem that important. But now that you know them, you will be surprisedhow often this knowledge will affect your decisions.

 Knowing details about what is going on aroundyou in a game can often increase confidence and reduce indecisiveness. In the beginning, you don't have to worryabout the radiation Zone that much because it only does .4 damage per second but thisdamage increases with each round so by the time you get to the end of the game, the radiationzone does 11 damage per second which makes it incredibly important to be in the safeZone. For those of you who are used to playing Rulesof Survival where you can spend the first half of the game in the radiation Zone, youwill find this much more difficult to do in PUBG. As soon as you land, find a gun with ammoas quickly as possible. People can tell when you don't have a gunand they will chase you mercilessly until you are dead. Once you have any gun, I recommend searchingfor a rifle and ammo. SMGs are a much better option than they werein Rules of Survival, but having a rifle as one of your weapons is still very important. Grabbing ammo is also important. A lot of new player don’t grab enough ammoand get in trouble later, but a lot of advanced players end up grabbing too much ammo. Learn what your average bullet per kill ratiois and then stop after you have enough to kill 8 people, I promise by the time you havekilled those 8 people, you will have found more ammo. If you see the shooting icon, don't assumethey're shooting at you, but look around to see if you can find them. If you see them and they don't see you, don'tattack them unless it is an easy kill. Long battles attract a lot of attention andshould be avoided. Stay near buildings so that if you start takingdamage and you don't see them, you can just run around a corner to buy you some time toset up if they chase you. Now if you were still in bronze, most of theplayers you will be fighting are AI players which are really easy to kill. Do not let this easy competition make youdevelop bad habits. Try to always fight from a position whereyou have cover and if you don't have cover, try to get in the habit of moving while youshoot so that you are not an easy target. Even if that player does not see you, startmoving within 2 seconds after first firing your gun because if you shoot someone whileyou are not in cover, you will likely attract the attention of someone else nearby and standingin the middle of a field will get you killed really quickly so get in the habit of movingwhile you shoot every time you engage if you don’t have cover to hide behind. If you are playing in a team game, then themost important thing you can do early on is stay close enough to your teammates so thatyou can support each other while you're looking for items. If you are playing competitively, then youshould have a good team and if you have a good team then you should live or die as ateam. Playing 3 vs 4 in a competitive game is stupidespecially because it is so easy to avoid. You also want to be on the lookout for goodarmor, helmets and backpacks. Level 3 items are the best in the game, butthey are rare. Level 2 items are attainable, but don't spendtoo much time trying to get all level two pieces. You can see what lvl your gear is from howmany bars are here. Once you have some decent gear, you have severaloptions on what to do next. PUBG is a multifaceted game. You can get points for killing people, doingdamage, getting supplies, surviving the longest, and even get points for taking damage andthen healing yourself. This gives you a lot of options on how toplay this game. If you want to know the 4 main tactics forhow people play PUBG, I recommend checking out my video that lays out the pros and consof the 4 different strategies. The only tactic that I don't mention in thatvideo is the Car Rampage tactic. Using a car as your weapon is very effective. 

So much so that some players are able to winsolo games without ever shooting a gun. That tactic is a great option as is all ofthe tactics I mention in that video and if you are going for points, you should do whicheverone best fits your strengths as a player, but in this video, I am going to be focusingon how to get first place. PUBG is not just a shooter game. It can be fun to play that way and you canstill get lots of points doing it, but, if you want to get first place often, you haveto get out of that mentality. PUBG is also a survival game. Shooting a gun attracts attention and attentionis a great way to die. If I see someone and they don’t see me,but I am not in a good enough position to kill them and take on someone else that hearsme kill them, I just let them go. In fact, if I am really playing competitive. Like I am really trying to get 1st place everytime. I often just watch people for most of thegame and only kill when I have a really good read on where everyone is at. The best place to hide is in tall grass onHigh Ground near a rock or tree. For those of you who saw my rules of survivalvideo, my tactic where I hide in one of these little sheds with a shotgun is not nearlyas effective in PUBG because it is not as easy to one shot someone so I seldom use thistactic when I am playing PUBG. I still love using shotguns and I see a lotof the pros use them in urban combat, but I don’t use the shed tactic. Now when you are part of a team, there isno reason to hide because a well positioned team that works together can kill dozens ofplayers without ever receiving a single casualty. The team simply has to make sure that theyposition themselves in a place that they can fight in any direction with little to moderaterepositioning. They also need to make sure that they areclose enough to each other so they can revive downed teammates without being exposed. The team that works well together under theseconditions is almost invincible. A solo person however is not, especially inPUBG. A lot of players are really good with a Kar 98 so drawing too much attention can be the end. If you are pushing hard for the first placeposition, I recommend using one of two tactics. If you find that you are already in the newsafe Zone when it appears, I recommend staying in your hiding place for as long as you can. Look around to see where people are, but don'tkill anyone unless you are a confident that you can kill them within 2 seconds of firstfiring your gun. Loot them if they're close, but be super wearyof other enemies since you just fired your gun. Even firing a gun with a suppressor will stillalert enemies if they are close enough. In a team game, if you shoot someone and theydie without getting knocked down first, then that means all their teammates are are alreadydead, but if get knocked down first instead of dying, that means at least one of theirteammates is still alive and the guy you just knocked down can communicate your positionto his teammates even after you kill him. You still want to kill him as soon as possibleso that his teammates don't revive him, but you also want to be cautious when it happensand stick close to your teammates. It is incredibly hard for someone to see youwhen you are crawling in the grass if you're on High Ground, but if you are on lower groundthen them, high grass is almost worthless. If you are on high ground and stay still,people should not be able to see you unless they are within 7 meters or closer. If you find yourself outside of the new safeZone when it appears, I recommend waiting as long as possible. You can run from cover to cover if you arecareful to look around while you do it, but I recommend giving other players a chanceto get to the safe Zone first. This might seem like horrible advice sincelots of players talk about killing people as they run to the safe Zone, but once youtry it a couple times you will notice that that happens rarely. In PUBG, most players die when an enemy noticesthem first. That enemy then Fires at them when they arein a bad position and have very little chance of winning the fight. By letting other players go first, you willfind that you often see other players before they see you. In fact, most of them never see you becausetheir back is turned to you most of the time as they run to safety. Usually by the end, everyone is crawling aroundin a field and behind cover and it is very hard to see them. If you are part of a team, and there are nobuildings in the safe zone, I recommend spreading out about 4 to 8 meters from each other. This makes you close enough to support eachother, but far enough that an enemy will probably only see one of you at a time. If you're playing solo, stay hidden as longas possible. Remember, this tutorial is about getting firstplace. Ideally, you would only have to kill one personto win, but the closer you get to the end, the harder it is to not run into someone. When you see someone close, kill them whileyou still have the advantage of shooting first then slowly crawl away from your kill whilelooking around because the loot box is noticeable from a distance and your enemies will likelybe looking for you to loot your kill. When you're down to the last two, the safezone is usually pretty small by now. I'm not very good at throwing grenades soI've usually saved up about 5 or more grenades at this point. If you see the other guy, but they are incover, chunk all of your grenades at them. Remember to wait a second or two before throwingit so they don’t have as much time to run away, but obviously don't wait 8 seconds oryou will be giving them an easy win. If in the more likely scenario, you do notsee them, but the safe zone is very small, I recommend throwing one of your grenadesat every tree and Rock that is in the safe Zone. This is kind of a controversial tactic, becauseif they are close enough, they will hear you pull the pin on your grenade and if they arewatching, they will either see you or the grenade in the air which will let them getan idea for where you're at and I agree with those objections in theory. But in practice, I find that this tactic almostalways works out for your favor because the grenades usually get people to come out oftheir cover or reveal where they are and I only do this when I have a really good position. So in my experience it either works or theyweren’t in cover because they were crawling in the grass and it doesn’t seem to havean effect either way. So I recommend trying it out for yourselfand to see if it can land you that first place spot. In addition to those 99 Tips and tricks, Ihave 52 more for you. There seems to be a lot of confusion evenamong Advanced players on how boost items work. I hear a lot of people say that energy drinksgive you movment speed but pain killers to not. That is not true. 

Energy items do not give you any benefitsin and of themselves. Rather they give you points towards your boostmeter and your boost meter gives you benefits. It is important to think this way becauseif you don't, you will get very confused. There are very Advanced web sites out therethat say things like an energy drink will restore 23% of your health. That is not true. If you use an energy drink well, it can healup to 52% of your health. Here is how the boost system works. When you use a boost item, it gives you apercentage of your Boost meter which deteriorates over time. This meter consists of a total of 5 minutes. Energy drinks will give you 40% which is equalto 2 minutes. Painkillers give you 60% which is equal to3 minutes. And the adrenaline syringe gives you a 100%which covers the whole 5 minutes. You get different benefits based on how muchboost you have in your Boost meter. So using an energy drink by itself actuallyonly heals 22% of your health, but that is not the best way to use an energy drink. If you use a painkiller and then an energydrink then that energy drink will heal 52% of your health and give you a movement speedbonus of either 2.5% or 6.2% based on which bar you are on. And then after 2 minutes when your bar dropsback down to 60%, you can use another energy drink to get another 52% of your health backand have another movement speed bonus. So that's how the Boost system works in pubg. If you want to know my strategy on how tomaximize this system to your advantage. Be sure to check out my video titled “howto get double healing from energy drinks” They just recently added the Flare gun intothe game. You need to aim towards the sky in order touse it. Using it outside the safe zone will spawnan armored vehicle and using it inside the safe zone will spawn a special air drop withtwice the normal loot. The developers never actually added infrastructureto these towers so you can not land on them no matter how hard you try, but there is away to use the lean function to get a little be up this tower. While clearing a house or going around a corner,you can use your third-person camera to peek around the other side which is an effectiveway to stay safe while scouting. While driving a vehicle, you can see its healthand fuel shown here. You can also tell when one of your tires hasbeen destroyed because the corresponding icon will turn red. Peek as much as you can even when you arein a house, but remember that staying inside houses can become a death trap if you areup against a player who is skilled with grenades. While shooting through window or any smallhole, you will notice that where your aim is not always where you shoot. Remember to leave more space below your aimso you don’t hit the wall in front of you while trying to shoot. Short grass will actually disappear once youare more than 150 meters away from the grass, so don’t try to hide in short grass. Zooming in doesn’t just magnify, it allowsyou to see as if you are actually closer so some players will appear that weren’t previouslyvisible. Unlike most other shooting games, PUBG implementeda bullet drop for every gun, so remember to aim higher while trying shooting long rangeshots especially on guns that do not have a high range stat. This is again where the Armory is particularlyhelpful. If you unequip all your weapons, you can runmuch faster. If you do this, Your character will move 6.3meters per second, so that is a good way to measure how long it would take you to reachthe safe zone. If you are too far from the circle, try tolook for a vehicle. are usually found along roads. You can use downed enemies to lure their teammateinto your sights when they try to revive them, but make sure to kill them before they reachcover. I personally like to put almost all of myguns on single fire mode. I find that the extra headshots more thanmake up for the slow rate of fire. If the safe Zone covers the outer sea, youcan swim away from the shore and survive a really long time, but you probably won't getfirst place doing this since you have to get back on shore to fire your gun. You can't heal beyond 75% health level exceptwhen you are using medkits, energy drinks, pills or the Adrenaline Syringe.

 While the crossbow in PUBG looks awesome andit can 1-shot an unarmored enemy (even with body shots) which can sometimes make it usefulin the initial scramble, it is actually a terrible weapon. It has long reloading time and you get oneshot at a time. The only good thing about this weapon is thatit makes absolutely no noise. Always choose pan over the other melees. It has higher harm and it can square shots. I know this isn't a tip for doing better inthe game, but I strongly recommend checking out the Viva La Dirt League YouTube channel. I'm pretty busy with work and family so Idon't have time to watch a lot of YouTube channels, but I watch and like every singlepubg video these guys make and several of their other series. Just watch this one video from them and thenwhen you fall in love with them, remember that JCF was the one that sent you. Smoke grenades are useful for reviving a teammateor repositioning, but remember to throw them quite a bit in front of the area you are tryingto cover because they don’t cover the area immediately near where they land. Always pay attention to your minimap evenwhen you are using a scope to see where your enemy is shooting from. Audio is really important in this game sincenoises like opening doors, looting, healing, pulling the pin on a grenade, a thrown grenade,and most footsteps do not give these notifications. So if you are wanting to play competitively,I recommend using a good headset so that you not only hear those noises, but a good headsetwill help you identify where those noises are coming from. Make sure you have full health before gettinginto a fight and using painkillers and boosts right before engaging an enemy is a greatway to give yourself an advantage in a fight. Especially at the end of the game when optionsare the most limited. Wearing darker clothes like black shirt ,blackpants etc. is best in the main map Erangel, but they make you easier to spot in Miramar,natural colors like yellow and gray are best if you want to play on that map. Like I said earlier, I almost always put myweapon on single shot, but this is especially important when you are trying to shoot someonefrom really far away because it will increase your accuracy a lot. When you parachuting down use the eye iconto see how many players/ teams dropping at the same place as you. After you kill somebody, don't just standthere while looting their body. That is great way to get sniped. When you get shot out in the open, never everever start crawling or crouching. This is a very common noob mistake. Crouching and crawling helpful for hidingbehind cover or not getting noticed in the first place, but once you have been noticed,they actually make you an easier target because they make you go slower. Always use the left fire button when are usinga scope because you need your right thumb to aim. When you want to show your teammates wherean enemy is at, just move your crosshair over the enemy and click on the “enemy ahead”dialogue in the chat. Having scopes with higher magnification isalways more useful than the one with low magnification, do not try to use 2 6x or more scope on bothitems as it will severely weaken your close quarter gunfight. Moving silently in PUBG is a lot more difficultthan Rules of Survival so I don’t recommend staying too long in buildings in solo games. Using the boost option for Vehicles requiresa lot more gas and creates more noise so I don’t recommend using it unless you aregetting shot at or trying to outrun the radiation zone. When there are only two people in a car, siton the same side so the driver can position the car as a shield in combat. (Fugglet)While you are swimming, pay attention to your lung icon. If it is turning red, that means the gameis thinking that you are still submerged in the water even though your character lookslike it’s not. Pressing Crouch will let you submerge intothe water and jump will allow you to surface. If you are trying to get to the safezone orescape enemy fire by submerging, bullets can penetrate water, but the damage is significantlyreduced. You are also obviously harder to spot whenyou are underwater. Also, if you are trying to get to safe zoneor escape enemy fire by swimming, submerge will protect you from harm as no bullet canpenetrate water. You are also harder to spot when you are submergetoo. If you wish to travel on vehicle, always optfor 4-wheel as bike is quite hard to ride without falling. Well. That's it guys.