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iOS 14 Update - Top New Features - WWDC 2020

 iOS 14 Update - Top New Features - WWDC 2020

iOS 14 Update - Top New Features

Hi, everyone. Dieepak here for and iOS 14 has finally been released to developers. It's available. Now, if you're a developer and itwill be a little bit later, if you're a public beta tester. Now the great news is this will beavailable for everything from the iPhone SE as I have here. So it's available for the iPhonese the iPhone 6S 6S plus, and newer Apple kept iOS 14 compatible with all iOS 13 compatible devices, including the iPads as well. And so the iPads have a bunchof other features as well. I'll cover in a separate video, but just know that they'veactually updated everything. And you'll still be able to use it. If you have an older device, when it comes out inthe fall or September, October timeframe. Now this came in at 3.26gigabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max. It's about the same sizeon all of these devices, depending on which one you're using, but expect it to be anywhere from threeto four and a half gigabytes depending on the device. And depending on which oneyou're actually installing from. So if you're coming from anolder beta or a public release, it may vary in size. Now let's take a look at the build number. The build number is 18A. And this particular update gives us somuch that we've wanted for a very long time. And the first thing you may alreadynotice is I have a large widget here for weather. So if I press and hold on this, I can edit the widget and you'll seeit just spins around and lets me select options for it. But if we go over to our widgets here, let's press and hold. We'll keep holding and let's add a widget. Let's go to, maybe we want a widget for shortcuts. So we'll press shortcuts. And how do we want to add thewidget to our home screen? We want to in this size or this size, I'll pick this one and you'llsee we have our widget. And then if I press and hold, I can drag it over to the home screen. I can get rid of it if I want andeverything goes back and we have different options as well. So we finally have the way toa way to actually edit that. Also, if we keep scrolling over to the right, we now have an app librarywhere it categorizeseverything based on what it is. So utilities andproductivity in suggestions, and we can also search for that app. So here's our alphabetical listview that we thought we'd have, but it works a little bitdifferent than expected. So it's really nice. So maybe you want to search for, I'm not sure let's search for find my, and you'll see it's in real time. It searches for what you're looking for. So it's a super nice wayto sort of sort everything. There's more options than that, but you've got all these optionsfor widgets and it's super nice. And finally, it's here.

 Now, something that Apple has added that people have wanted for years is a new call interface. So maybe I place a phone call and it rings my phone, just like this. I can hit. No, I don't want to answer that. And it goes away. I can continue using my phone. And so finally it's been updatedhow we've wanted it for years. It's no longer taking up the screen. You don't have to dismiss itwith the power sleep wake button, and we've got our call dialogue. That makes much more sense. So it's super nice that we have that. Now, the next thing is wallpapers. Supposedly there was going to be a redesign when itcomes to the way wallpapers work, but we actually don't get that. So if we go to choose new wallpaper, we do have a few new ones. So you'll see we have the one I'mcurrently using day and night, which this is the Dave version. This is the dark mode or night version. And we also have a couple more. So we have this green, blue and gray one. And then we also have onethat's more of a gray, grayish, blue color and different shades. So you can pick whatever you'd like, but you don't have the organization like everybody thought. So it's nice that we have a few new ones. Maybe we'll see that change closer tothe time it releases to the public. Now, according to Apple, we will be able to set default apps for Safari and mail. So maybe we don't want to usetheir email app or Safari. We'd rather use Chrome or Firefox. We should be able to set default apps. This was something I've looked for. I was not able to find, and it should be there, but I haven't seen it yet, but it will be there in the future. We'll be able to set default appsif you're not seeing it already. Now, also Safari gets a majorupdate with privacy. So if I go into Safari, you'll see that it's actually inSpanish because I've translated it. So for example, you'll see that it has vieworiginal five view original. It goes back to Englishor my native language. I can tap on the buttons again, translate to Spanish. We also have the optionfor a tracking report. This is a new privacy feature, and I'll talk more about privacy later on, but tracking tells us what websites we've been to and what they've actually tracked. So depending on which one it is, here's all the different things. Looking for information. If we go to each one of them, you'll see what's actually being prevented or stopping or being stopped for trackers. Now this button doesn'tseem to work right now, but you'll see it's blockeddifferent things across websites. If I go to another website here, this website is generally in French. So if we go back to view original, you'll see it goes back to French. So we have the option to completely change how we use Safari. I think that's an incredibly useful tooland I'm really glad to see Apple add that now. So we've got translation and privacy, but we also get a brand newtranslate app right from Apple. So this is very similar to what we have with Google translate, but it works in real time using the neural engine on the device itself. So I can translation from english to Spanish and say, hi, how are you today? And you'll see it instantly translates it. Now, if I rotate it to landscape, you can see back and forth. And based on the actual language, you're speaking, it will detect what languageyou're speaking and thentranslate back and forth. 

So you can have a conversation. You can also play back what you said. So let me try to speak Spanish. I'm not very good at this Oh, Como stars. And you'll see it didit in reverse by itself. You don't have to speak English and tell it you're speaking English. You can just go back and forth. So that's super nice thatthey've added that in. Now, when I was recording the first time youmay have noticed there was a little dot that appeared in the upper, right? This is part of privacy and the update with iOS 14, anytime it's using the microphone or camera, a little dot will appear tolet you know that it's active. Even if you didn't allow it, it will let you know. So for example, hi, how are you today? And you can see right herethat there's a little dot. Now it didn't translate that, but you at least got to see that there'sa little dot for privacy when you're using the microphone. Now, as far as updates tothings that use the camera, Apple actually updated FaceTime. So Face time will allow you to use picture and picture instead of just pausing the video for everyone. And it will improve video quality as well, and the text sign language and makes that person prominent in a group video chat. So it does that and also allows you to have eye contact with that person. It sort of changes your eyes and make sure they have contact with you. Now, another thing they've updated his picture and picture in general. So maybe you want to play a video, but continue to use your home screen. You can now do that. So let me go into the TV app. You'll see this as the WWDC keynote from today, and you'll see it's playing, I'll swipe home and wecan jump through it, what ever we'd like, and then move it around, resize it and continue to use our phone. So may be we're in here. We want to go into the app store. You'll see that we can just continue to watch on this. Another thing you can do with it is you can actually hide it off to the side. So you'll see you just swipe it over to the side, pull it back in andyou can move it around. So you have all of those options with picture and picture as well, but you don't get split screen to use multiple apps at once. Now, something Apple has also updated with a few more options is messages. So let's go into messages. Now at the top of the messages, I have two pins. You can now pin messages and group messages to the top for people you communicate with regularly. And if I go into a message, that's a group message. You'll see that it has 14 at the top. This is a group message I havewith Miguel and Brandon Bush. So you'll see here thatI have this conversation. And if we go into, here, we go into info. You can change the name and photo. You can also hide alerts frompeople that aren't mentioning. You mentioning you specifically, and you can actually call someone else specifically. So if I just type Brandon And you'll see that says, yep, it's Brandon. And then yup. It's, it's no good. That message went specifically to him. And you can see that when youhave brackets around people, then you can reply to them specifically. So you have those options with in here. You also can be notified when they mentioned you back, hide all the other notifications. And you'll just see that it's alittle different design overall. Now, within here, they've added 20 new emoji here as well, including a face mask and some updates to all sorts of things. So everything from hairstyles to nose, the mask, everything else, this continues to be updated with more and more information. So maybe you want to customize it. However you feel. You can do that. Now, now there's an update with the keyboard as well. So if I go into the keyboard and I type or tap on the emoji here and I type the word, hello, you'll see that it brings up everything for waving. Hello. And so that's all brought into here. You can now search emoji a little bit better. It's just an update to keyboard. Also it uses voice dictation on the device now, and it should be a lot better. So I can say, Hey, Brandon, how are you doing this afternoon? And you'll see it works quickly and in real time. So it's doing that on the device now in coding everything here, not having to send it off device to translate everything else. Now, speaking of voice, dictation, Siri actually has a redesigned UI. So it's now smarter with over 20 times more facts compared to about three years ago, it has more complex question understanding, and you can ask Siri to send an audio message. So let me press here and go to Siri. What's the weather today. You'll see, it looks different, pops up the weather. You can just swipe it off there.

 We have thunderstorms. It looks like, and you have a whole new Siri interface. You can also translate with Siri with entire conversations and ask Siri to send an ETA if you're navigating with maps. So it's really nice. How was WWDC Says WWDC, I may be biased, but those are some of my favorite letters. And so you just have a redesigned UI it's less intrusive. And I think it's a great addition. Now notes has been updated a little bit. We have new action menus. If we go into maybe, well, let's just open notes here and you'll see, it looks a little bit different. We'll just go to a new note. And now we have some more options. They've added some additional updates and notes specifically has better search with top hit search. So if I go here and maybe I want to search, I can just search iOS and you'llsee here's everything from iOS. And I record everything in notes tokind of do notes for these videos. So it's searching all of those and it'sreally simple and easy to use and much better search. Now, now maps gets an update as well. And first it gets a big update for those that live in the UK, Ireland and Canada. You get the new updated maps thatwe got last year with iOS 13. So let's go ahead and go into maps. And Apple has updated maps with new suggestions. You can find food nearby. So we'll tap on fast food. We've got some options down here and we just have new suggestions in general, but we also have navigation for cycling. Eventually we will have cycling directions. Now they don't seem to be in here yet, but they should be in here in the future. You'll also have Evie routing that also checks your charge on certain cars. If you allow it, it seems to be Ford and one other. Tesla's not in that yet, but it will let you know the best routing for Evie and let you know your charge status and things like that. It also will give you access to congestion in green zones, and also let you know where speed cameras are and also refine location. When you're in urban settings where youcan't see things based off of maybe the buildings around you. So it should be able todo all of those things. I've not found all of those options all throughout yet. Now Apple's updated the app store with something called app clips. And these app clips will be available later on for different apps and you don't have to have the app installed. So here's Apple's example. So maybe you want to rent a scooter andyou don't have the app for that scooter installed. You can tap an NFC tagor scan a new QR code, and then it will bringup this little app clip. You'll be able to pay for the scooter right here and be done with it all together. Or you can install the app and thiswill be throughout any app you want. And it has to be under10 megabytes in size. So these should be really helpful if maybe you're missing that app, it will tie into Apple pay and allow youto use that and basically be available as you need it with NFC and QR codes. Now there's also some options inthe app store to invite friends, to follow you as far as your arcade games, and you can follow them back, see what they're playing, and it gives you suggestions. Also you have a redesigned game center, which it's not something that I personally use, but they've redesigned it a little bit. And there's new sorting for Apple arcade as well. And you'll see, continue playing and things like that. So not huge updates that you can see initially, but those updates are there. And also app developers can now make their subscriptions available for sharing among members of a family sharing group. So you can share it. And it will let you know. Now reminders does get a minor update and reminders allows you to assign reminders to people you share in lists. So if I go over to this iPhone, the iPhone 10 R, and maybe we go to reminders, you'll see it pops up and says, assign reminders. You've got smart suggestions and lots more. So if we go to continue, you'll see there's a new reminder. We can assign it to someone. We can add emoji. We can assign an emoji to that reminder. So for example, we have priorities and what list it'sunder and additional things such as get reminders, suggestions from mail or suggestions from dates and locations through out the us. It will recognize that. And if you tap on it, it will allow you to create a reminder. Now, music gets a little bit of an overhaul. So if we go into music, you can see, we now have a listen. Now tab in this, listen. Now tab has things that suggests asfar as topics stations for you recently played made for you. And this will combine everything your family is using as well. So it may not always apply, but some new releases, things like that. And it will also continue to play if your runs out.

 So maybe you want it to continually play. You can have it do that. There's also improved search, and I'm not sure you can already search lyrics, but you can improve search by searching for a guess. Let's search for Pearl jam here, and search should be better in general. So there's categories and they'vejust done a little overhaul of it, and this is across all devices as well. So it's a nice little update and they'vealso added a similar section within podcasts. So we now have listened now again, recommending different podcasts here, all sorts of things. And it's just got a littlebit of a design overhaul. Also. Now with the camera, Apple has added performance. So apparently they've updatedperformance with the camera, but they haven't talked about performancewith anything else in the S so it's very quick. And then they've also addedexposure compensation. So you've got the option here. So if you didn't see that quick, we'll go back, tap the options and you'll seewe've got exposure control here. And then we've got a little dot lettingus know that the camera's in use, which is part of the new privacy update. Now to go along with the camera, photos is updated a littlebit with more pinch to zoom. So we go into photos and you'll see, we're zoomed way out. Maybe we want to zoom in a little more. We can do that. We'll just keep zooming. And now we're zoomed in. We can zoom way back out. And it's a nice little update ofsomething that we had years ago. They've brought it back. It's something I used a lot on the iPadand they've brought it back so that it works flawlesslythroughout all the updates. So that's a nice little update, nothing huge, but you can also organize withnew options to filter in sort. Now whether it gets an update as well, I showed you the widget already, but you'll see, it says, expect rain in the next hour. We'll tap on this andit's already raining. And then also we have air quality. It just gets a minor update and theyprobably brought some things in from dark sky as well. So it's a nice little update. You'll see, there's the next hourforecast for Charlotte. And it's pretty interesting. Says rain stopping in 41 minutes. So we'll see if that actually happens. Now, accessibility gets someupdates that are really nice. So if we go into accessibility, we have voiceover updates. So voiceover gets some additional updatesfor recognition of elements on the device. So you'll see voiceover recognition, there's some options and it willrecognize image descriptions, screen recognition. So it says your iPhone will automaticallymake apps more accessible by recognizing items on the screen. It says your iPhone will speakdescriptions of text found in images. And so if you want to use that, you can use that. Now it's added to accessibility, and then they've also addedan update for hearing as well. So if we go down to audio andvisual under accessibility, we now have headphone accommodations. So if we go in here, turn it on, we can tune the audio to be specificfor a balanced tone or change it for a vocal range or brightness. And then we have slight, moderate or strong, and you can adjust this to help you heara little bit better if you're having problems, hearing specific frequenciesor voices and things like that. So it's nice to see themupdating accessibility regularly. Now, one thing you may have already noticedis the activity app now says fitness. Now we thought there'dbe a new fitness app, but it just seems that Apple has renamedit and redesigned the fitness app to look a little bit different. So we have activity at the top workouts, trends and awards. So they've updated it. It looks a little biteasier and cleaner to read, and it's really nice to use. Now they've also updated the home appand the home app has been updated to add things automatically to thewidgets that you use automatically. So for example, I'm at my office. It automatically puts in my officehere to turn the lights on and off. If I was home, it will automatically have the home appsthere or the home widgets that I use the most. So it adjusts based on yourlocation and within the home app, they've updated this as well. So you'll see, I only have a scene here and then I canswitch rhyme at we'll just go home here and you'll see, we have favorite scenes now, should I have somethingthat needs attention? There'll be a status bar here on the top. So based on what you might need, what's turned on. So if we go home, let's go to the office, let's turn this on. And you'll see, it shows up as a status at the top, turn it off. It goes away because it's not important. So it's really nice. They've updated it with alittle bit of things like that. They've updated it with a fewmore features that make it easier. And also if you have devicesthat will use automations, it will automatically suggestwhat you can automate. So it's built in, maybe you have a doorbellthat you want to use, and it has video on it. It ties into home pod and we'll let youknow when someone rings the doorbell and it will work seamlessly. They've added activitieszones in the camera. So you can kind of set it up. If you have a Google nest, you'll understand how that works, but it won't recognize someoneif they're in a specific area. And it also has facial recognition builtright in that only uses your iPhone. It's an end to end encrypted and secure, and we'll let you know, who's ringing your doorbell. If you want to use it, all of those things can beturned off or on as needed. They've also partnered with Amazonand Google on this to make more secure devices and have bettercompatibility across everything. So you can do thingslike add an accessory, and now you can use home kit set upcode or hold iPhone near the accessory, and it will work with moreaccessories in the future. So they've added all of thesethings and home got a huge update. And I think it's much easier to use. I like how it adaptsin the control center. I think it's pretty simple. And you'll see it saysat the top home recently. So it's pretty nicethat they've added that. Now find my husband updated a little bit. So the find my app helps you findyour devices and things like that. So if we're going to find my now findmy has always been great to locate your devices and friends and family, but now they're opening it up. 

So that third party productsand accessories can new use a new find my network accessory program. So maybe tile, for example, we didn't hear about air tags. So maybe they'll allow tile toput their accessory in here. It'll be secure and help you it, so that should be added as well. And I look forward to that now with voice recording, I'll just search for it. And search is really good. Now it searches. Everything will go tovoice memos and you'll see, I have a couple new ones. There's some new sorting options, which isn't huge, but it's nice, but they've also added enhanced recording features to improve sound. So it will help you eliminatebackground noise if you want to do that. So if we go back here, it's not really exciting, but you have that option toeliminate background noise, to help you hear your note more clearly, or your voice memo more clearly. Now, something that's pretty huge and importantto most people is privacy and Apple started using privacy as a main feature quite some time ago, but now privacy allows fornot only sign in with Apple, but also will help you convert anexisting account to sign in with Apple. So maybe you have an existing account. Of course, an app developer or a website will have to allow you to do this, but you can actually do thatand sign in with Apple securely. Now there's some new privacy options aswell when you go into different apps. So you'll see there's tracking here atthe top and we can allow apps to request to track, or we can just say, don't request at all. I don't want you trackingme under location services. For example, you've got different applications andthere's some new options for this. So the Apple store, for example, we can allow it to have our precise location or kind of give it a general location as to where we are. So maybe you want it to know thatwe're in a general Metro area, or maybe we want to know exactly where we are. It depends on what application you're using maps. Of course you would want the precise location because you want to know where, where you are and where you're going. Maybe other apps you don't. So you have that option again, it will let you know when themic and the camera is turned on. So when the camera's on and some things using the camera, you'll have a little.inthe upper right here. You can see there's a dot. It just lets you know, the cameras in use any app that's usingyour camera or microphone actively will let you know. Now something else they're doing forprivacy is a summary of privacy practices with in the app store. So each app will let you know whatkind of privacy policy there is. But if I go down here, maybe we'll go to this game in the future. There will be a little tag that tells you their privacy practices. And so privacy policy, each one has a privacy tagand it will bring you here. But what they're going to do is update this so that it actually gives you privacy information. Similar to that, of what you get as a nutrition update on, say a box of cereal or something like that. You can see the actual tag to tell you everything they're tracking and using. And so that's a nice little update. Each developer is required to report that information for the future. So we should see that once iOS 14 is out. Now there's a few other updates as well. One thing they spent quite some time on is AirPods. So AirPods pro for example, will now have the ability to use spatialaudio when you're using it for video or watching a TV show. So it will use spatial audio to makeit sound as though you are in a, you should be able to hear sound all around you from behind and in front. And it also detects when you'removing your phone or your iPad. And when you move your head and how theyrelate to one another to give you the best sounding experience. So I can't wait to try this in the future. It looks like something that would be great on an iPad. And hopefully with Apple TV, since you can share multiple devices with Apple TV now, so all of those things are coming with iOS 14. Now also with AirPods, it will give you battery notifications when it's getting low, maybe you're taking a calland you're down to 4% battery. It will let you know, and it will also automatically switch between devices. So maybe you're using your Mac with AirPods. A call comes in on your phone. It will switch automatically when you pick it up on your phone and it will just work. I can't wait for this to be implemented across everything because that's something I've wanted for a long time. The files app gets an update with PFS encryption for drives. So maybe you need to encryptit or read an encrypted drive. You should be able to do that. Now they've updated Car play as well with new wallpapers and some new options for EVs and things like that. So it's a minor update, but you'll have your current options plusa few additional ones such as EVs and charging and things. And also they mentioned Apple car key. Now we saw this with iOS 13 in the code, but car keys should be out to iOS 13 and 14 and allow you to use your phone as your car key. You can share a key, you can disable it if it's lost and it uses Apple's a U one chip to help you locate it. 

So maybe it's in your pocket and thecar will know that it's in your pocket so that you don't have to take itout to start your car or unlock it, or maybe it's in a purse. So it will use all of that. The first car is a BMW in a month or so, and it will roll out to othercars as they choose to sign up. Now there's a couple other things as well. There's updates to AR kit to allow foranchors extended face tracking support and video textures. For those that want todevelop AR games and apps, and then internationally, there's some updates as well for new bilingual dictionaries for French, German, Indonesia, and some others. There's also an update to the woobie keyboard for China. I'm not sure if I'm saying that right. And then also auto-correctfor Ireland and Norway, as well as new fonts for India, a redesigned comic keyboard and much more. So there's a lot of international language updates as well. So that is everything in iOS 14. There may be some extrathings in the future, some extra settings, but those are all of the major features with iOS 14. Now be sure to check back for the iPad iOS video, I'll cover just what's new, other than what I've covered here, you do get the widgets and everything else. Bye